Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brand new contest!

Ok, peeps, here it is.

In celebration of our new forum, YABookClub, we're going to be giving away some really cool goodies. 

Susan Dennard has agreed to give away some signed copies of her new novel, "Something Strange and Deadly." She's also got some "Aim for the Knees" shirts!!!!  

Jill Hathaway is going to be giving away some signed copies of her fantastic novel "Slide". 

I've got some autographed copies of both Dark Inside and Rage Within to give away.

We still have to hear back from a few more authors so there may end up being a lot more goodies to give away too! 

So here are the rules. 

1. Join our community and start posting. Every time you post, you get an entry. But posting has to be reasonable. We will not accept one word posts or spamming the board about nothing. 

2.  Post as often as you like. The more you post, the more entries you get. 

3. Be respectful. This isn't a competition...well...ok, it is. But that doesn't mean you can't have a great time doing it!

Contest ends Sept 15th.  

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