Monday, November 04, 2013

My thoughts on bookstores and why I'll always shop there first.

You know what I love? Book stores. Libraries. Coffee shops that have books.

There is something powerful that overcomes me when I walk into bookstores. The rows upon rows of stories to be read. The smell of paper and ink. The excitement when I know a new book is out from an author I enjoy. And that exact moment when I get home, sit down with the cat, and crack open that new book, it's just pure bliss.

I love all sorts of entertainment. Music. Movies. TV. Theatre. But there's just something about a book that really beats it all.

It makes me sad when small bookstores close. It makes me sad when big bookstores close.

I don't buy a lot of books online. My rule is, if I can't find it at the bookstore, only then I'll shop online. I feel this way mostly because going to the bookstore is almost as much fun as reading the book. And trust me, I'm someone who hates shopping!!!!

 I also don't have an e-reader yet. I'm not against them, in fact, I wish I'd had one when I lived in South Korea. I think I re-read Cormac McCarthy's, The Road, about a dozen times. It was very hard finding English bookstores there. Hmmm....maybe that's how I was truly inspired to write Dark Inside.

As I said, I'm not against e-readers. I think they're a great idea. And I've looked at them in bookstores. But I can't find myself to buy one just yet. Because as wonderful as they are, they just can't compare to the touch, feel, and smell of a book.

So that's my thoughts. What's yours?


  1. Anonymous5:04 pm

    I think your right. But I looked for a book named trapped over a year and nobody got it. So I bought it on amazon.):

  2. Is there by chance going to be a book that comes after the book Rage Within? Just finished and the ending seems to be the type where a third book is going to be published.

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Do you have instargram? Please answer! And if no you have to. I will follow you I swear!

  4. Anonymous6:35 pm

    What are Michaels and Aries family names?

  5. I too was very reluctant to buy an E-Reader. I love the smell of a book store....I am so glad some else notices things like that! Of course, I ended up getting a nook last year, mostly because I was getting recommendations for indie authors that didn't have published works yet. However, I do find that if I absolutely love a book I want to get it in print as well.

    That being said.........I am desperate for any news about a third book in your dark inside series. While Dark Inside was by far the scariest book I have ever read, I LOVED it and jumped right into Rage Within. Now call me crazy but it did seem that there was more to be told...........please please please give us more of that intense story!

  6. Anonymous9:51 pm

    I know that you won't read this, jeyn. I just do. But I have to tell that somebody: I think about your book all the time. No kidding. When I'm in my bed I think about a dialogue (I see it as an film. And do you know who is Clem? Me! I don't even know why. I mean I will NEVER be her. NEVER. So why killing off my feelings? Because my stupid fantasy says: sure you will be her in the film. You aren't a professional actress, you're not blonde and not American but hey! You will win an Oscar with her part.) between mason and clementine at the plaza because the baggers attacked their house because of an argue between them because of michaels death because of Aries. I think about death scenes (oh oh) and so on...
    As you can see-
    I'm obsessed. With you, your book and your cats (too cute)
    Wow that was long. And wow I'm talking to a computer. Well that's just sad. Bye not-jeyn!

    1. Michaels death ? Michael wasn´t killed yet, was he ? maybe I understood it wrong, what you wrote. But michael isn´t dead.

    2. Anonymous5:55 pm

      Sure he isn't dead. He is alive and happy. But I think it would be interesting if he would be dead. Pure drama!

  7. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Woah, jeyn! You REALLY should use this LINK:
    IT'S A FANMADE TRAILER AND ITS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD!!! I don't think that the actors fit, I just think they would look different but BUT LOOK AT IT!!!!!
    (By the way this should not be whatever you guys call it in English. Really. I just wanted to share this with you)